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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Are you there, cblounge?

Greetings loungers and guests of the cblounge, I know it has been a little while since my last post and I do apologize for the neglect. Sadly, I do not have an exciting excuse. Sure, I could tell you that I was abducted by aliens, or that I have a distant uncle that needed my help because he was imprisoned by a long lost tribe in the remote region of the jungle. Or even that I won the lottery and moved to Australia (wouldn’t that be nice). Nope, I will not do that to you. Not even close. Actually, I am a spy working for a top-secret agency in a top-secret building doing top-secret operations. Most recently I have been working on a deep under-cover mission and did not have internet access. My duties are top-secret; so do ask me about them. If I told you, I would have to hurt you. Ha!

Ok, so I am no spy on a top-secret mission. Nope, laziness has been my main mission. I have been glued to the couch watching lots of TV. My TV-line up has consisted of the “regulars”: Law & Order, Happy Days, 70’s Show, Seinfeld and Family Guy. Added to that, the new fall schedule has begun and with it brought some new cheese to munch on. Some notable chews include new Family Guy and Lost.

Also, I recently joined Netflix, the DVD rental service, and have been watching more dvds. Some mentionable titles include Sin City, Harry potter, and Wonderfalls.

I must also gave a shout out to my cat, Janice (Jan the Man):

He is a great sidekick, very wacky. And yes, he sleeps in a box lid, his choice.

So there it is. The low down on where I have been. I think I am back now. But maybe not. I will let you know at a later time. Stay Tuned.


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