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Sunday, August 21, 2005

New Gadgets in the cblounge: Part 2

Welcome to the second part of the "New Gadgets" series. This time I will be highlighting my recent purchase of a new cell phone. I will begin this tale of 'electronic gadgetry' starting in spring 2005. My cell phone of 3 plus years, which has been such a trooper, began to show signs of retirement. I began to notice that sometimes the phone would not ring when a call came in. Later it even began to turn itself off. This was really weird. I guess it was trying to tell me something. When I was in NYC, my signal was not very strong and calls kept dropping. I passed it off as being the old technology. At this point the battery would not even hold enough of a charge to last a somewhat-long conversation. With all these factors, I still could not find enough motivation to go get a new one. I guess I am lazy. That changed in late July, 2005. It was a Friday night, not too late, not too early. When checking to see if I missed any calls, I noticed that my phone was not even on. And I am positive that I did not turn it off. So, I try to turn the phone on to check my messages and low and behold, it did not turn on. I think to myself, what kind of tricks is this thing pulling on me. So I try the charger, still nothing. My cell phone was officially dead. Now I had the proper motivation to get a new one. So that following Sunday I trekked down to my local store and found a new trooper (cell phone). I purchased the Sony Ericsson z500a (pictured below).

And now I am caught up with the new cell phone technology. it has a color screen (so cool), a camera, internet access, and on and on (most of which I will not use). The best part is that this phone rings and the sound quality is much better. After having the phone for about a month now, I must say it is great to be back in the loop.


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