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Sunday, July 24, 2005


Weekends are the best. When it comes to the end of a busy workweek, nothing beats a weekend to cap off the week with a huge dose of downtime: fun a requirement. And Saturdays are right at the core of every weekend. Some of my favorite Saturday activities include: afternoon naps, catching up on some reading, gadget shopping, video games and watching really bad movies on TV. Favorite evening activities include going out to hear some music/bands, renting movies, and watching one of my favorite TV shows: Law & Order. During cooler parts of the year the list may also include hiking/walking and picture taking outings.

Last Saturday I had a very good day – a perfect Saturday. This is beside the fact that my ancient cell phone finally went out on me. It had been on the blink for some time. The battery would not hold much of charge, calls began dropping, and it no longer rang every time a call came in despite the fact that the ringer was on high. It would even turn off by itself for no reason! And still I was in good spirit. In the afternoon I ran some errands and got a hair cut. Yes, I am growing my hair out! The rest of the day I spent relaxing and staying cool (it was rather hot outside).

Sundays may not be the core of the weekend as Saturdays are, but they are just as important. Being the “official” day of rest, Sundays do tend to be very relaxing. They also tend to be days filled with reflection. This may be true, but Sundays also usually include some work: those errands and chores that need to get done before the next week, but were put off. One last chance, man! And so I am off on this Sunday afternoon, to take care of an errand: getting a new cell phone.


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