“Out of all the Charlie Browns in the world, you are the Charlie Brownest.”

Friday, August 18, 2006

How many pieces of Flair does it take?

The following quote from one of my favorite movies, Office Space, shows how I have been feeling lately...
Joanna: You know what, Stan, if you want me to wear 37 pieces of flair, like your pretty boy over there Bryan, why don't you make the minimum 37 pieces of flair?

Stan, Chotchkie's Manager: Well, I thought I remembered you saying that you wanted to express yourself.

Joanna: You know what, I do want to express myself, okay. And I don't need 37 pieces of flair to do it.

How have you been? Ever forget the coversheet on your TPS reports?

Which Office Space character are you? Find out here.


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