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Monday, January 02, 2006

Roadside Attractions: Dinosaurs, Jackalopes and More

I discovered this wonderful directory of "Roadside Attractions". By this I mean pieces of Roadside Architecture like signs and statues, usually humongous in size. One recognizable example is "Big Tex" at the Texas State Fair. And there are many more to see at: Main Link.

Included in this massive list are pictures of the Dinosaurs in Glen Rose, TX (at the Dinosaur Valley State Park). Actual dinosaur remains have been found and are still located there, but these are not them (Link). Here is the link to the pictures I took when I was there. It is a really cool place with lots of room to hike and get away.

Another favorite I found represented in this list is the illusive "Jackolope". I have yet to catch one and take a picture of it (they are very fast and sneaky), but here are some roadside versions. (Link)

There are many more to gawk at, too many to list them all. Some examples: fish, cats & dogs, and Jugg City.

Have a look around. I am sure that you will find one you could call your own. Stay true.


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