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Friday, November 18, 2005

Elm Fork Nature Preserve

Yesterday (Thursday) I had a very refreshing experience. Having the luxury of the day off and my own, I decided to be adventurous and check out a local place that I read about in the newspaper earlier this summer. The place I am referring to is the Elm Fork Nature Preserve in Carrollton, TX. It is really a “get away from the city in the city” kind of place. I had a great time with the critters.
Click here to see the pictures from my walk.

Here is some information about the park:

History of Elm Fork Nature Preserve
The Elm Fork Nature Preserve was purchased as a woodright in 1861 by the Bramblitt Family. The land was never clear-cut and in 1986 the 40 acres were given to the city of Carrollton as a self-contained ecosystem, virtually undisturbed. The preserve offers an Interpretive Center with a nature education library, which is open for scheduled classes and hikes. Trails are open for hikes 365 days a year from dawn to dusk. A pond, environmental education classes and more are offered at the facility.

Located within McInnish Park
2335 Sandy Lake Road
Carrollton, TX 75006

Click here to visit website for further details


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