“Out of all the Charlie Browns in the world, you are the Charlie Brownest.”

Sunday, February 19, 2006

On the 'Pod

Recently I noticed that it has been some time since I posted what I am currently listening to on my iPod. I first have to say that I have been just absolutely loving my nano. It has become my "right-hand-man". It goes almost everywhere I do. My very own theme music. And my theme music rocks! It keeps me sane in an insane world. Anyways, on to the music. Below is a list of the music that currently is in heavy rotation, in no particular order.

  1. Legal Man - Belle and Sebastian
  2. Southern Comfort - Sofalab (Album)
  3. Lucy and Linus (Charlie Brown) - Vince Guaraldi
  4. Ciao! - Lush
  5. Pit of Snakes - Gravediggaz
  6. Automatique with Floetry - Blackalicious
  7. Me and the Major - Belle and Sebastian
  8. Buck'em Down - Black Moon
  9. 48 Seasons (Sampler) - The Legendary KO
  10. Holiday - Green Day
  11. Nu-Dub - Fredrik Stark (Small Town Underground)
  12. Pen and Notebook - Camera Obscura
  13. Johnny B. Goode - Peter Tosh
  14. Acid Raindrops - People Under the Stairs
  15. Gimme Some Lovin' - The Spencer Davis Group

If you have not heard any of these, I recommend checking them out. Do you have something blow'in up your 'Pod? Let me know, I am always up for some new music.


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